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The Food x Books Project

In 2021, I'm doing a monthly project exploring books I like through the theme of food – specifically focusing on (and making!) one dish that is significant to the story or characters in some way. Follow along here, and don't forget to 
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Posts in this series:

Gingerbread stars from Mary Poppins + one year of Food x Books

Anxious People order (Swedish) pizza capricciosa   

Nora Seed and the Brazilian honey cakes

Carrot soup and Peeta Mellark's cheese buns

Crazy Rich Asians argue about satay

A chocolate cake from Hagrid's coat pocket  

Alma Whittaker craves wentelteefjes   

Jing-Mei Woo inspires a ginger tofu dish   

The Garage Girl and Maureen Fry's apricot flapjacks   

Vianne Rocher's dark chocolate mendiants   

Anne Shirley's teatime biscuits   


  1. Hi Kriti, do you have a piece and recipe to accompany Elizabeth Gilbert's book?

    1. Yes! It's the one called 'Alma Whittaker craves wentelteefjes' :)


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