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The classroom

Reminiscing about school makes me so sad.* And yet I can't help it. Yesterday I went on a journey of memories about the last two years of my school life. And now I shall proceed to tell you about the place I spent most of those two years in – The Language Lab, a.k.a (by jealous batchmates) The Classroom with Two Air Conditioners**, and (by us) The Prison for the Innocent.

The classroom was a black box. It had walls made of a very strange material, papered with dark film. You could see your reflection on the outside. Gosh, I forget the number of times I looked straight past the teacher, past the blackboard, right at the person trying to model his or her hair and generally confirm whether their own face has been replaced by that of a troll. 

Then, of course, it was extremely handy to spy on people collected in the OAT (Open Air Theatre, where the cool kids gathered during break) unnoticed. Though talking to them from the window was a bit of a pain, like Juliet hanging out of her balcony, but oh well. And not to forget the monsoons. During one boring math class when I was nearly asleep, our room gave an almighty lurch (there was a gale outside). Well, some might call it scary. I thought it was exciting. And my math teacher found it boring and turned back to teach. So I settled back to daydream...about how Dorothy's house flew away from Kansas, and if anything half as exciting could possibly happen here.

This classroom was the natural habitat of all kinds of creatures. We had a lizard playing hide-and-seek with us between the desks. We had no less than three grasshoppers snoozing near the AC. And once when I sat down for my biology test, a cockroach crawled lazily out of my desk. I wonder if it wanted to be squashed by me... Not to mention the endless mosquito feasts/parties (from the mosquitoes' point-of-view) under girls' desks. Fat spiders scuttling up walls, oozing haemolymph (a.k.a Icky White Stuff) when someone killed them. Ew.

*This post has been slightly edited before re-posting.
**Not a common occurrence in a classroom. You wouldn't normally even find one.