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The rosebud

As the moon and stars fade with the night 
And Sunshine spreads her arms wide 
The rosebud slowly raises its head, 
Its petals part; opens fragrant and red 
And amidst all the radiance and hue 
Glisten beads of the morning dew. 

Nestled snugly amongst leaves green 
Resplendent with an emerald sheen 
Its beauty delights, fresh and pure 
Its velvet petals bewitch, allure. 
It surveys, as though with scorn 
The one pricked by its thorn. 
(For it must have some defence, indeed, 
To protect itself from human greed.) 

The flower of love in human eyes 
The dominant flower of Paradise, 
Yields nectar for butterflies and bees; 
Sways gently in the breeze. 

And as the sky glows saffron and gold, 
Its petals gently touch, and fold 
Into each other, as one, 
And it sleeps with the setting sun.


This poem was definitely written earlier, in 10th grade circa 2005, inspired by the name of a classmate and friend. It was not the first post on my original blog, Reflections  though 14 May 2007 was the date I published the first ever post, a very forgettable and somewhat embarrassing "introduction" to me. This seems a more fitting beginning.