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You are not alone

What is it with people and cellphones these days? Honestly, life was so much better without them. Okay, maybe not (I am not a hypocrite, I want one too!) But the sound of a mobile ringing during a movie is much worse than a dentist's drill or a sawmill. Or even a mosquito buzzing in your ear. It is plain bugging.

Let me explain myself. I do not usually mind such little things. 

N, S, HB and I settle comfily in our Premium Class and extremely expensive seats to enjoy, finally, Spiderman 3. After some weird music and weirder ads ("You are not alone"... trin-trin-trin ..."take care lest you annoy the Evil Space Aliens"... poof ..."This could be you."), and S's dire warnings of refraining from choon-choon still echoing in my ears, the movie finally begins. I'm pleasantly oblivious to the people around me. Peter Parker gives his cheesy smile, says "They lurve me", and continues with his gymnastic routines, which are unpleasantly interrupted by the drone of a loafer in the row behind me ("arre maine pikchur dekh li...tu toh ghar pe baitha hai"). I turn in my seat to give him a filthy look, but as he continues, I give him up as a bad job. 

Back to the movie. 

MJ is shouting at Peter. A sandman is wrecking the city. And...another loafer's phone rings. This one doesn't even bother to keep his voice low, instead shouting into the phone for the whole hall to hear. Peter and MJ are momentarily forgotten (and I notice grumpily that S only minds my talking). I'm really pissed off, but cheer up marginally when one of them exits the hall. "Good riddance" mutters Spidey. "Good riddance", I agree. 

The movie goes on. Peter cries. I giggle. My line of vision is obstructed by the loafer coming back (screaming into his phone. Again.) I finally find a better way to handle it. Every time Spiderman hits/punches/bangs/kicks/throws things at someone, I imagine the someone to have the loafers' face. Much more satisfying than waiting for them to annoy the Evil Space Aliens and vanish in a puff of smoke.