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Bombay I

So, there are really only two things that you need to know about Bombay. Rain. And traffic jams. And that about summarises my week-long, much-looked-forward-to trip.*

I hate rain. I detest it. Maybe I'm simply weird that way, but I don't like dancing in the rain, or getting drenched in the rain, or... in fact, probably the only way I like it is when I'm safe and dry inside and it can't get to me. I mean, I like watching it through my window, and I love the clean new leaves and the smell of rain on mud. Well, I guess you get the drift.

My birthday involved an awesome cake and awesome food and gifts (obviously), courtesy the cousins and my tauji-taiji. Followed by a wild drive with my cousin P driving; windows down, we flew through the blissfully empty roads of Navi Mumbai, with P mock-shouting occasionally at pedestrians ("Outta my way, moron"!) 

As for sightseeing, we visited Juhu beach, a couple of malls here and there, and though we wanted to see Marine Drive, I swear it started raining every time we stepped out of the house. After driving for more than two hours to Colaba, including being trapped in a flooded road, all we could do was take shelter in the US Club, curse the rain, eat sandwiches, curse the rain, gaze at the Arabian Sea (I nearly blew away with the winds there. Seriously.), and curse the rain.

Upon arrival in Delhi (aaaaah Delhi!) I was instantly informed that I have gotten into LSR to study English. This after I was comfortably aware that I had deliberately written the test as badly as I could and wouldn't make it. In fact, I made it to most colleges. Why couldn't I have gotten a better SAT score instead? Why does this always happen to me?

*This post has been slightly abbreviated to make it less whiny.