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April Fools' Day

I am Bored. Bored with a capital 'B'. So bored that I painted my nails green (though it rather suits me, you know). And I don't understand this: why does the All-England Club have to have the tournament in the "rainy" season?

You might be wondering why this post is titled so. Simply because I was recalling April the first as it was last year. It was a Saturday, and I was grumpy because we'd been asked to come to school. As if five days weren't enough. If I'd not known that the school has no sense of humour, I'd have said they were April-fooling us. Rather meanly.

As it was, however, we were all of us grumpy, so we decided to play some pranks to make sure the teachers didn't do exactly what they'd planned, which was teaching us dead by the end of the day.

Enter physics class. Before ma'am could open her mouth to scream, we informed her that we're supposed to be in the AVH*. She totally fell for it, looked around confusedly, then sent this guy to find out from the Rep**. He cleverly returned two minutes later saying he couldn't find the Rep. And then? No, we didn't get to go to the AVH after all. We were caught; the class monitor returned with the marker he'd gone to fetch. Any student of our school knows that the marker (usually) has to be procured from the Rep's room with their permission. Hmph.

We tried the same thing in Chemistry class, but the teacher was not to be fooled. He simply pretended to be deaf, turned his back on us and started scribbling (literally, I could never read his stuff) on the white board, and after awhile, said "Yeh april fool vapril fool chhod do, padhai kar lo." 

Math was a different story; we decided to change tactics. One guy announced to the teacher that many students are planning to drop math, sir. Sir was damn surprised (the eye-popping kind, because the previous day there were just 6), and asked all those who wanted to leave to stand up in their places. The whole class stood up as one (that was so-o-o-o cool!); he was so shocked, and we had a hard time hiding our grins and smothering our laughter at his expression. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS' DAY!

So I've told you about that. This occupied roughly 15 minutes of my time. Now what do I do?

*Audio Visual Hall
**The teacher who is the representative for a grade