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Who'd have thought yesterday would end like that?

Tired as I was, I kept tossing and turning in bed the previous night; try as I might, sleep just wouldn't come. I awoke early-ish, barely able to sit up from exhaustion. My cell phone buzzed. I answered. Talked. Sighed. Another player off the field. Another two players off the field. What on earth was I going to do?

Three days ago, the notice, inconspicuous though it was, stared me in the face. A magazine making competition at Rendezvous, the IIT Fest. Rules unknown, it still sounded very interesting. All I had to do was get together a team of six; a herculean task, as it turned out. Dozens of calls and messages later, Sunday morning found me short of three people and wondering whether to back out. Luckily, though, I still had two left to count on. To encourage me. And mom reminded me that I was going for fun, for the experience, if anything. Not merely to win.

Upon reaching IIT, Nids and I decided to find our way to the Senate Room (escorted by our dads) to check out the situation. We ended up nearly panicking and backing out, feeling rather foolish, but our dads teamed up and convinced us to stay. So we sat down, and pretended we didn't hear the dude who asked us whether we were "just two".

Srishti turned up just as the contest started, and the next four hours were spent finishing the magazine somehow, anyhow. Disadvantaged by our small number, we had benefits too. Less confusion, less bickering, more order and tidiness (though of course I acknowledged these only later). As we heaved our first sighs of relief, the judge asked us to explain our magazine to him. Er. I guess we did okay though, because...

WE CAME SECOND!!! And my college won the rolling trophy, which means we helped! I've never won something like this before, I've never felt like this before.