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Smells like freedom

Aaaaand I'm back! I was prevented from posting on my blog these last few weeks because of a major obstacle called exams. However, I now have 3 whole, glorious months to drive myself nuts. Joy. Sniff, sniff. Smells like freedom all right! I'm already bored. I tell you, its a vicious circle. You stay up all night studying, trying to force happy thoughts of how you'll spend your holidays out of your mind, and when the holidays start, where do all those huge, ambitious plans disappear? But I'm smarter. I make lists. My summer break list now has some 20 very ambitious plans. And I'm going to spend the next couple of months, as usual, watching them fail before my very eyes. Sigh. But hey, I'm happy today! Lalala. La. Anyway, I must bore you with some details, right? So the first two papers were miraculously good, preparation-wise. The marks obviously depend on the mood, position in life, etc etc of the examiner. So no point worrying my head about it. Then came Hindi. What a horrifying, hilarious and humbling situation. We had, cruelly, just one evening to prepare for it, and frantic SMSes and calls were made constantly back and forth. We had to know if the others found the nibandhs and pallavans illuminating, didn't we? And its supposed to be our mother tongue. For shame. Paper I was the love of my life. Seriously. Mom was so bugged, she actually stopped talking to me beacuse I wouldnt stop studying. Well, technically she couldn't talk to me because I was studying...but you get the drift. Paper II was a nightmare...oh sorry, am I boring you? Ah well, to sum up, you're gonna be seeing alot more of me from now on. Nice, isnt it?