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German, French and a short, short holiday

The view from Tiffin Top, Lansdowne

About the short, short holiday-- I had gone to Lansdowne, a sleepy hill station in Uttaranchal. It's pretty unheard-of, which was just as well because we escaped the madding crowds of other hill stations like, say, Mussoorie or Nainital. There's going to be a huge, detailed account on The Wayfarers soon, which, by the way, is getting a makeover for its first birthday on June 3. So keep visiting.

I also (finally) got over with my German exams just before I left, though I'm rather disgusted with the MMB people. First they had the audacity to prepone our viva by three days (and they told us only the evening before, mind you. As though we weren't scared enough already). And then, when we found out (much to our relief) that we had passed, they went and spoilt it by holding the certificate ceremony without telling anyone. Sneaky, I tell you.

Nevertheless I still love German, and I've been (trying to) read German magazines and listen to German songs. The brother introduced me to this cool song called 99 Luftballons (which means 99 air balloons) by Nena. I've put the new as well as the old version in the sidebar. Which one's better? (For those who're interested, there's also an English version of the song called 99 Red Balloons, look it up).

And finally, the French Open. My least favourite Grand Slam (chiefly because Federer never wins) is actually quite interesting this time around. I guess that's because my expectations have been low from the very beginning. But the contest is interesting with so many seeded players being sent packing; the latest to fall being Lleyton Hewitt. Gosh, what a match...both Ferrer and Hewitt actually deserve an ovation. And I like Hewitt more now that he has short hair.

And it's nearly June!