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"That's one of the remarkable things about life. It's never so bad that it can't get worse."--Calvin
The quotes are back!

Aaaah I'm just bursting to post. This one will be long, folks. I bet most of you won't even read the whole thing, but I hope everyone will find something of interest.

Okay, so I guess it's basically a book update. But not only. Oh wait, you'll see.

I started reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy in May. Took long enough to finish it, but never got around to posting about it. So now, here it is.

This book was Arundhati Roy's first novel, and it went on to receive the Booker Prize in 1997. (Note to Nids: AR was born in Shillong). The book has been in my house for decades, just one of those books (as Anhiti puts it) that lie around. Still, I can't believe I was idiotic enough to have missed out on it all these years. It's the story of a pair of twins (Estha and Rahel) with a telepathic connection (this is a really lame way to put it), who are submerged in a tragedy that engulfs them and cuts short their childhood; and how they gradually understand it and try to come to terms with it. The minute I started it, I fell in love with the way she writes. It propelled me to my own childhood. I could just feel the curiosity of the children leaping off the page - the wide-eyed innocent curiosity that adults have the habit of squashing, the kind of curiosity that leads to proper nouned ideas. The book is brilliantly written. It's all about the unconventional, about breaking rules that have been set for generations. And I'd recommend it to everyone, even though it does have some ideas that I still can't deal with.

And it made me watch The Sound of Music for the umpteenth time. Oh, don't I just *love* that movie?

And then there was Calvin. Nids (and Sahana) finally convinced me to read Bill Watterson's comic books, and even though I'm not really into comics I decided to give it a shot. It's hilarious. Reminds me of the time I was little (wait, I've said something on these lines already...) and had imaginary friends. Imaginary friends, bless me!

And now, the most exciting (for me) part of my post. Before I reveal it, I would like to thank Kevin Sullivan, YouTube and people who take the time to upload stuff for lazy bums like me. Okay okay, I'll end the suspense.

Anne Shirley! Anne of Green Gables! L.M. Montgomery! Gilbert Blythe!

Ring a bell?

Okay, for the uninitiated, Anne Shirley is the protagonist of Anne of Green Gables, the first book in the Anne series by L.M. Montgomery. And for the dumb, Gilbert is obviously the male lead. Don't worry, I won't bore you with summaries. You have to read it to believe it. But its like my favoritest series in the world. I would've loved to live in those times. I like to think I'm like Anne, you know, imaginative, in love with beauty and literature and Tennyson. Skinny. I suppose only the red hair and Gilbert are missing.

Well, the reason I mentioned all this is that I discovered that there's an Anne movie (try saying that aloud). Three of them, in fact. They're directed by Kevin Sullivan, and they're up on YouTube! I just finished watching the first one, and it's amazing. Almost sticks to the book, and Megan Follows is the perfectest Anne, dreamy and talkative, and has the most adorable smile ever.

I suppose you've had enough now, so I'll leave you with one of my favourite scenes in the story--the one in which Anne smashes her slate over Gilbert's head because he calls her "carrots", and later she dyes her hair green. Enjoy! Here it is --> SLATE