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Happily ever after

Aaaand I'm back!

Long time, no me, huh? But I'm here, now, alive and before y'all to present my excuses case. Just three weeks into college (and German) and I'm already overworked, ill and un-bored (chiefly because I'm overworked). I've been to North Campus (for a meeting that was over by the time I got there), to Barista (for another meeting), for a drive in my friend's car (to get away from the heat), my results came out, I'm already bored of the cafe food, I have some ten books to read, plus I chose the worst time to fall ill. Work is just piled on top of my tiny head and threatens to smother me any instant.

So why the cheery title, you might ask. We-ell, I'm fine now, so I'm happy. Plus teachers decided to go on a strike so we got a holiday today. Plus my Saturday class got cancelled. Plus, people have been nice. Well, some people have been nice. Plus I've been taking full advantage of my illness and watching movies and getting mum to cook stuff, while my poor classmates sit in stuffy rooms listening to droning voices. Ha! And it's MUN time again! So plenty of reasons to be happy.

And I've been doing alot of thinking. There was precious little I could do in the fevered state, but thinking was one of them. Life is so hectic and fast today, isn't it? Even falling ill is forbidden. I guess I was just going along, forgetting my friends and family and other things that are important, pushing them aside, saving them for later. But life has a way of pulling you up and stopping you till you take a frank, hard look at what you're doing. I guess I've learnt me lesson.

And people and their priorities are so...wrong. A teacher asked us whether we would choose a long happy life or a moment of glory, and people chose a long happy life. But a long happy life without success? No sir. Except, well, me and a few others, who protested vehemently. People are too ambitious. They're forgetting the simplicity, the pleasures of life. They're all too concerned with making it big, with showing others how well they've done for themselves. They don't have time for love till their careers are set. They want to leave their homes, they want their space. They look at a person keeping in mind his or her popularity, sense of fashion, money. Old virtues like trust and honesty are so passe.

I do hope I just got carried away and didn't paint a very accurate picture. I really do hope so.

For me happiness always comes first. And I sure hope it stays that way. And happiness can come without success. Happiness can come if you want it to, from the simplest things around you.

Like taking time to get to know a new person, and discovering things I never knew or expected.

Like the color of the sunset and the fluffy white clouds I saw on the way back from Barista.

Like the butterflies that flutter on the flowery bushes as I enter college, and just about make my day.

Like a friend who messages a dozen times to find out if I'm okay.