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A week in the life of

The title looks weird. Anyway.

What a see-saw! Everyone is now rather bemused at the fact that out of the five projects I've been harping on, like, forever, I've still only finished two. What the hell, I can't help it if brilliant ideas come to me only when I'm under pressure. Like now. When I have no time to execute them. Or execute them well, rather.

The project on Shakespeare dragged on longer than it should have, but it was quite fun. I discussed and compared two of his plays -- A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest. The fairy mythology, the use of magic and dreams and stuff. The man was quite brilliant. I know alot of people who reckon he's way over-rated, but let's not forget that he was a writer of popular theatre, which was intended to help him earn money and entertain an audience comprising of every class, and not to be compiled into books and dissected by literature students. There was always a crunch of time, and I think he was one of the most versatile playwrights I've come across, questioning and bringing in a plethora of issues in every play. He was also very progressive for his times, in his portrayal of women, say, or generally that of "the Other", which is why he had to raise questions but leave them unanswered for fear of being censored or banned.

Yeah, so I finished that project last week. Also, impromptu plans are always the funnest. Watched Marley and Me finally, missing the first 20 minutes and entering a hall filled with chortling people; but it didn't disappoint. It was funny, cute and heartstring-tugging all in one. 

Late Sunday night, a brilliant idea for my history project walked into my head. Leaving me exactly one afternoon to work on it. Obviously, it didn't turn out quite as I wanted it to, but it was fun nonetheless -- tracing the history of the postage stamp, right from the first Black Penny to the near-extinction of stamps today. At least I managed to finish (watched 50 First Dates at regular intervals to keep me going) and I even photocopied stamps from my collection as samples and everything! 


Three to go. *cries* And I'd better return to my philosophy project now...