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The day that was

What an end to my near-perfect day. A sparsely populated classroom, a new friend, a rendezvous (finally) with the best friend, a classic tennis match, favorite Friends episodes, a visit to the park, a heart-wrenchingly gorgeous sky, addictive click syndrome that is amazingly pleasurable, high jumps in the sunset, laughter, cool breezes. And then, the tears.

Still, though I couldn't help sobbing with Federer and hurting over the loss, I was grateful that my die-hard Nadal-fan friends refrained from their usual gloating. And most of all, Nadal's reaction. I think this was the best moment of the whole tournament.

As one Twitter-er described it, what a bro-mance.

The article in the Times of India this morning infuriated me greatly, because you don't wipe a champion off the slate that easily. You just don't. And I know he cried more because people screamed their appreciation and love for him. It hurts more when people are nice, it makes the tears flow, I've noticed.

But most importantly, I think I might finally have begun to stop loathing Rafa. Hmm.