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This summer is turning out quite ok. I don't really have time to get bored! I can't exactly quantify what I've been doing, but I'm never idle, and that's a feat for sure. Since mom and dad aren't home, I can feel shoots of responsibility sprouting up in me and I find myself cleaning without being asked! Wonder of wonders, life does funny things.

I watched Erin Brockovich today. Fun. I wish I could talk like that. Also loved Renaissance Man. I think I'll do a whole post on movies soon. Internships and photography have taken a back seat for now, though I did have one memorable session shooting myself with a guitar et al. I say memorable; it was more of a catastrophe than anything else. The light was wrong, the camera had to be balanced on a chair and a Harry Potter and I had precisely 10 seconds to set it up, grab the guitar, run pass the chair on which it was kept (taking care not to move it by even a nano-inch or the camera would fall), hold the guitar in a pro-like position so as to not betray that I'm actually a poser, compose my face and be still. Several hours and several hundred shots later (okay, slight exaggeration), I did not get a single shot that was actually nice. Photography is fun? Not. 

In other news, the French Open is pretty eventful this year. Last year, me and Sonal were writing an analysis on it for a magazine that never saw the light of day (okay, weird). But this year's just full of upsets. Not only are both defending champions out, but so are several other high ranked players. In the fourth round, at that. But I didn't gloat. I just get better every year :)

Which reminds me of a conversation I had with this guy in my class a couple of years ago. He said the day Nadal loses the French will come after I'm married, or something to that effect. May I please be excused now? I have a phone number to find.