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Mothers and daughters

Yet again, the ideas I have for posts far outnumber the posts themselves. And it looks like it's going to stay this way for a while, because with the way things are going, the only time I get to even breathe is on days like today, when I feel ill enough to be forced to bunk a class and loll around at home. And even then, people are presumptuous enough to tell you that you do nothing all day long, simply because they have giant misconceptions that studying English Literature from Delhi University (keeping other things aside) is a piece of cake. Well, people will be people. And sometimes you just have to stop worrying about being the quintessential nice, polite person and say to hell with them. Not that I'm really talking about me here, not altogether. But anyway, I digress from what I really wanted to post about. The TV show that was powerful enough to prompt me to actually wait for hours on end for it to download. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Gilmore Girls.

Okay, so firstly, it's set in a place called Stars Hollow. Now if you know me well enough, you'd know that I'd have to see anything that had a place with a name like that, especially if it were as quaint and pretty as Stars Hollow actually is. And then, there's the story line. I'm just halfway through season one, but I'm glued. It's about a 32-year-old single mother and her 16-year-old daughter, both named Lorelai after the male 'fashion' of naming sons after fathers. In fact, the mother-daughter theme runs strong through the show with basically three such relationships being explored. And most importantly, the script rocks my socks. It is smart, witty, unpredictable and captivating. It's rare to find a so-called drama show actually making you giggle more than some sitcoms do. The feisty charm of Lorelai Gilmore Sr. and the innocent freshness of Lorelai Gilmore Jr. will always make you want to watch more of their 'chemistry', as their ordinary lives strike a chord with yours. Fairly fast-paced (another scorer with me, I hate having to watch what the characters do every single hour of every single day) and always lively, this is a show that explores human behavior. And if all that weren't enough, throw in a few very cute boys, and there you have it.