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Where the colors don't go

Today I took my first holiday in twenty-one days and I couldn't be more cranky.

And trying to figure out why is so not helping.

Someone once said that life is a contest between what's urgent and what's important, and the urgent always wins. So true. Waking up early, getting through classes and free periods and humidity and notes and assignments and presentations and interviews and outings and faces, oh, so many faces. And feeling alone through it all. It takes its toll. On the one holiday, on the one day you thought you'd just forget it all and sleep. Because that one day, you have time to think. To connect with yourself and figure out exactly why your world is so messed up.

Thinking isn't very nice.

And at the end of it all you come back to all the notes you missed and all the catching up you have to do and all the faces you don't want to see but have to yet again.