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Have you ever wanted to obliterate that painful memory that refuses to let go and threatens to drag you down with it into the murky waters of Limbo? That humiliating moment or fight or mistake or loss that prevents you from moving on? Have you ever wondered whether you would choose to press 'backspace', highlight the chosen sentences and hit 'delete', if you could? Have you ever just wanted to forget?

You might wonder where all this is coming from; and yes, I am quite hale and hearty (*tap tap tap on wood*), thank you for your concern. I just watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind last week, and have proceeded to interrogate (and really think) about the possibilities that are presented there. If Lacuna, Inc. actually existed, I am tempted to believe that it would enjoy a reasonable clientele. But I haven't managed to reach a satisfying enough answer to the question: would it be a good thing for humanity in general to be able to erase certain memories? Assuming of course that the procedure would be flawless and not garner any risk of accidentally causing you to, say, repeat tenth grade all over again.

What say you?

As for the movie, it was quite unique and even enjoyable once I figured out what was going on. There are some really great film techniques and effects, and brilliant performances by the cast. I confess I quite like Jim Carey after watching this one.