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What's in a name? (Summer things)

So now that people are starting to politely inform me that I have no life because I don't update my blog, I decided I would. Though how the two notions are linked is something I fail to fathom.

Okay, fine. I have no life. Happy? To be honest, I've been meaning to write a LOT, but writer's block kicks in at the worst of times. For two weeks after the exams, I lay all over the house in drudgery, cursing the weather and my luck rather frequently, and driving everyone, including myself, ballistic. A cancelled trip and cancelled internship later, I was ready to howl. And then Kriti happened.

Wait, what?

It's okay, I didn't mis-type that. I was thinking of titling this post "When Kriti met Kriti" or something equally lame. But yes, I have identity-crisis issues. I'll be helpful and enlighten you.

So I've been volunteering at an organization called KRITI (henceforth written, both here and in my head, in ALL CAPS, to avoid madness). When I first told people about it, there were the usual "Hello, Kriti from Kriti. You'll drive yourself nutty", "why don't you sue them for using your name?" and "lulz" (we all know who THAT was). But it didn't end there; the confusion continues, and while some people are somewhat flattering and mistake me to be the founder of the team, others are somewhat imaginative and have theories involving me being the retarded younger sister after whom it was named. And they even told me they'd thought that. True story.

But two weeks into work, despite all the challenging mind games (hmph), it looks like KRITI is here to stay. I mean, Kriti is here to stay. No, wait...URGH, it just doesn't get easier!

While we're at it, please come to our Eco Festival next weekend or participate in the competition! Please! Pretty please! It's going to be so awesome and you can show you love the earth and make your eco-footprint and yes, I'm in-charge of publicity. :)

But, seriously, come. If nothing else tempts you, I'm going to be there. In the flesh and blood. You can all take my autograph. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Seriously.