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Just one day gone, and what a day it was. Long, challenging, requiring every ounce of self control, and yet not all bad. Ordinary, and yet so not. Started with going to work as usual, but a lot of laughter before it actually started. That should have been an omen.

A lot of cribbing and some photos later, we were back on track. I think what kept me going was the thought of meeting one of my best friends later in the evening, but little did I know that what should have been a ten minute route would end up taking an hour. That could have been an omen.

Still, it was all taken into stride. The seemingly never-ending car journey did have a destination, and it was fun, meanwhile, to abuse the road signs, traffic police and GK-II in general. I got a happy twenty minutes at the friend's place, borrowed half her wardrobe, and the brother got a jump-with-joy admission offer. But then Federer lost and waves of tiredness crashed over me and all the world was grim. And none of this compared even remotely to the news of a good friend leaving for another city early the next morning. Because though I should have been insanely happy for him, I was sad. Sad because I hadn't met him in years even though he lived right across the street. Sad because I'd put off meeting him for later, always. Because other things became to important, and they shouldn't have been. Because I made myself too busy to make the effort. Because, somehow, I never thought he might just leave. And I should have.

I had a dream last night that we did meet, and it felt so real. That was an omen. Unfortunately, it was the wrong kind.