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A note on travel

Today I found an article - well, a page from an article - torn from a Cosmopolitan, which I've had for years. It's the story of a woman who sold all of her possessions barring the basics, and set off on a globetrotting extravaganza starting with a one-way ticket to Frankfurt. My dad said I would never get a visa if I decided to purchase a one-way ticket to any place. Ideas?

In any case, I believe this was the very article that first gave me the travel itch. Or at least made it a lot stronger. Now that I'm finally taking the awaited year-long break, travel was supposed to be on the agenda. Nothing fancy, of makes the world go round. But hopefully I'll get around a bit somehow.

Until then, maybe blog posts on a few other places - student and university towns, perhaps - wouldn't be a bad idea. Have a look at this article by Paulo Coelho - I believe it's from Like a Flowing River - and I particularly find the first point interesting. Definitely not something I would have thought of.

Lansdowne, India, 2010