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Of weekends and oracles and rain and books and football and facebook

Uhm, so what do I write about first?

This weekend was fun! An MUN meant that I finally met a whole bunch of friends after ages, and we spent time doing what we love: gossip. Scandal and secrets aplenty, it was kind of difficult to remember who you were supposed to talk to, and who to ignore. Many of the usual faces were missing, but the important ones were around :) Work was hectic, complete with the usual late deadlines, panic attacks, sky high tempers, and yes, yet again, the unforeseeable technical glitches that threatened to ruin it all. I am yet to attend an MUN where I will be spared that last-issue-broken-printer situation. But yet again, we managed to rescue it. And though I have announced to all and sundry that this is going to be my last MUN, you just never know. They're tempting. And satisfying. And there's something so heavenly about seeing smartly dressed menfolk in their crisp suits as opposed to the usual messy hair-and-chappal look, ha!

The "sleepover" we planned was an epic fail, and we ended up returning home Saturday night rather than sitting there watching movies. I even ended up missing the uber-awesome Germany-Argentina 4-0 QF. Though my delight knew no bounds when I heard of the win and I wholeheartedly rejoiced in writing "HAHAHA" on the walls of Argentina-lovers who had claimed Germany didn't have a chance. I supported Germany through the World Cup, by the way, and didn't switch over to Argentina or Brazil despite the presence of Messi and Kaka, who now I don't find all that awesome anyway. I'm all for them German lads! Though why they had to bring Paul-the-octopus into the picture is beyond me. He's predicted a loss for them tonight, BUT he (a) sat on Germany first (b) has been wrong only once before, and that too about Spain (c) might have decided to change it's mind and sit on the losing team this time (d) is a sea creature who probably liked the look of the food in the Spain container more than the other. So. I'm not thinking about this at all.

Wish someone could read his future and tell us if he's going to be wrong!
The monsoons are here! Rejoice! I was afraid this year they might not make a guest appearance at all. I'm really not a rain person (though a week in Manipal has taught me to treat them with indifference) but there's something about such weather that makes me more active and excited and refreshed. I still wake up at 12 and loll around all day, of course, but there's a lot less grumbling involved. Nids already wrote about the new season and why she's going to miss summer, but I don't feel nostalgic yet. I think I like every season, and no season. Change, I believe in! While you're there, also check out what Nids and I think about books and share your philosophy (here, or there). Ooh also, I'm starting an online writing course that I hope will help me grow (hee) and break my streak of uselessness. Yeah, this was random.