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Potter at last

Never having been a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies, I nonetheless end up watching them all out of a sense of obligation/commitment/ritual/curiosity. Even if they never live up to expectation, it's rather good fun laughing at Daniel's blank expressions or imitating Bellatrix's maniacal laughter. This time was no different - and yet different in so many ways.

It was the first time I watched it without the company of the brother, who has forsaken me for foreign shores. But change is good, right? This was also the first time we had pre-booked tickets and the first time I watched it with my equally Pottermaniacal best friends. Funny how that never happened before. I can't say that I really participated enthusiastically in all the "EEEEEEE"ing that ensued prior to D-Day, but I did have a laugh (or squirm) with cheesy HP pickup lines (yes, there really is a Facebook group dedicated to them) and with this video that Nids' sent to me. I couldn't get the chorus out of my head.

I also need to revisit the Potter Puppet Pals.

Anyway, my mood prior to the movie was slightly marred by dreams...or nightmares, if you will. The first consisted of the best friends canceling and leaving me utterly dejected, even though I hadn't expressed the aforesaid enthusiasm. The second consisted of me waking up, realising (happily) that it had just been a dream, hoping that my dreams didn't have prophetic powers, only to find my friends canceling and leaving me utterly dejected, as I now had the extra sorrow of (a) a bad dream come true (b) the relative mood uplift and relief at finding out that the first dream was only a dream followed by this blow (c) the burden of having prophetic dreams.

When I finally did wake up, it was to a barrage of phone calls and SMSes by the best friends chiding me for not waking up, warning me to be on time, reminding me to bring money etc. So yes, my dreams fortunately aren't prophetic and I will never have a superpower.

The movie turned out to be surprisingly good, fairly true to the book, with a handful of entertaining scenes and Rupert-Ron was awesome as usual with his comic timing. It's hard to imagine that this time next year, it'll all be over and we'll be looking forward to a bleak existence without Harry and his world. It's been seven year long journey for me, and I really don't want to say goodbye.