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Afternoons off

It's not everyday that you have a date with your best friends.

Phase I was at Pizza Hut. I was greeted with:
S: Oh hey! You look like Kirsten Stewart today.
Me: *distracted*
S: ...I hate Kirsten Stewart.
Me: ...So what are you saying?
S: Nothing, the two statements were totally unrelated. I just think you look like her today, and I hate her.
Me: So you're insulting me?
S: No! why would you think that? I don't hate you, I just hate her.
Me: And I look like her?
S: Yeah (in a why-is-this-so-difficult-to-understand tone)
Me: So you're insulting me by extension?

I never did get a satisfactory answer or explanation. Guess who isn't getting a birthday present?


Waiter: Can I take these extra plates away?
Us: Sure.
Waiter: *places mojitos and spritzers before us* Can I take your glasses still full with water away?
Us: Um, sure.

This continued, with the garlic bread basket and pizza pan both being whisked out of sight as soon as the last crumb and capsicum (respectively) had been picked up.

Me: *bemused* You wait, now he's going to come ask if he can take our bags away.


Boy at neighboring table: *rattles off some complex physics laws* (aren't the board exams over already?)
His mom: (or tutor?): *stares*

Stares at us, that is. This continues for a while until:

S: (whispering rather loudly) Hey why is that woman looking over at us as though we're some strippers about to hit her with pom-poms?


Enter N. Raptures all around.

N: No thanks I won't take a single bite or sip out of your almost finished meal. Let's do origami!
(We have been origami addicts for a few weeks because of this.)

Some origami and weird stares later, we did actually fill out another fake feedback form, this time under the highly original name of Rebecca Black. Fun fun fun fun. Last time it was Dobby. Because we had just seen the movie, okay.

Then to the shady (with all its connotations) Hauz Khas Fort, which turned out to be a paradise of green water and catcalls, and where we jumped from ledges and climbed gates to "explore". A car drive home, or was supposed to be, but excited chatter led to us getting quite lost after a zillion wrong turns and happy laughs. The photos were quite something too.

I say remember this feeling. :)