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Like most people, I have been following the tragedy of Japan with a feeling of helplessness, wishing I could do something for the people but knowing that there really isn't much I can do. Then Nidhi showed me this group, and I jumped at the idea. A prayer for peace, a hope for a better tomorrow, the act of creating something beautiful and doing it with hundreds of other people all over the world made it seem so life affirming and positive.


The crane is a mystical, holy creature in Japan - it represents luck, good fortune, and long-life. It is believed to live for a thousand years, making it a symbol of longevity.


The act of folding cranes, specifically 1000 cranes (senbazuru), one for each year of its life, is said to make the folder's wish come true.



Strings of one thousand paper cranes are often sent to places where tragedy has struck as a symbol of hope & healing.

For you, Japan.

PS: I (subconsciously, but to my delight) incorporated minimalism into these photos, having read the wonderful article "Minimalism: Using Negative Space in your Photographs" on dPS a few days ago.

UPDATE: Miya Company has started a 1000 Cranes for Japan project, and they will donate $5 for every photo of an origami crane they receive to Save the Children for Japan's relief and recovery, along with a collage of contributed photos. Go ahead and do your bit!


March '11
Canon EOS 500D