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I see sparks fly... (Singapore IV)

It's been nearly two months since my trip and thanks to all the work that piled up, I still haven't finished writing about it. Without further ado, then...


In the afternoon. Not a bright idea. We lunched at the Vivo mall (lemon chicken with rice, delicious) from where there is a direct train to Sentosa. The ticket - and this is the best part - costs only S$3 for the entire day, and you can use it to get off at any stop and move to and fro between the various attractions at Sentosa. Of course, the "attractions" cost hefty fines, so choose carefully - though a day at the beach costs nada. A wonderful deal, I think.

The majestic merlion - the larger one (the one normally seen in travel brochures resides at Raffles Place) was spectacular, and houses an exhibit gallery inside, which we decided to skip. We did pay for a view from the Tiger Sky Tower, which frankly was a waste of money - S$15 for not even a 15-minute "ride" which was too fast to take anything in, including photos. I did want to go somewhere with an aerial view, but be advised, this is probably not the best place. Marina Bay - which I missed out on - is supposed to have something similar.

I love beaches. I've hardly ever been to any, barring the year I lived in Chennai, but the beaches there were dirty and really no fun. I've always thought I could just sit on the beach for hours and listen to the songs of the sea, but haven't ever really had the opportunity. This time, we were in a hurry because we had bought tickets to the famed sound and light show - called Songs of the Sea - and didn't have quite enough time. We did chase a friendly peacock on Palawan Beach and walk a rope bridge, though. 

The sound and light show was quite a treat, quite worth the money, quite entertaining and spectacular to watch. Initially we thought it was going to be just singing and holograms, but then the fireworks began. Simply stunning.

Sentosa has a host of experiences to offer - at the risk of sounding like I'm advertising it - but even a day might not be enough to take it all in. It would be a good idea to pre-decide what you want to spend your time (and money!) on and explore accordingly. If you have only time and no money, just spend your day making sand castles on the beaches (yes, there are more than one, with free buses and trams taking you from one to the other). Most of all, just soak in all the color.