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Stuff that makes me go :D

Not being woken up by phone calls in the morning.

Remembering why someone looks so familiar.

Getting stuff in the post. And not bills.

Snatching a five minute lie in after brushing my teeth and before breakfast. At the foot of the bed, pillow-less.

Watching FRIENDS episodes back to back for hours.

Lolling on the sofa.

Not having a job.

Arguing just because I can and calling it healthy debate.

When the sun acts all nice and obliging during a photo shoot. Natural lighting is hot.

Going "hee hee hee" in my head (or aloud) when something tickles. Especially if it's something really stupid. Yeah, I revel in an immature sense of humour.

Naming inanimate objects. Hey, they've got feelings too.

Chronicling and documenting stuff, through photos, writing, scrapbooks and scraps. And torn tickets, candy wrappers, bits of thread, you get the gist.

Jumping and spinning around in front of the mirror pretending I'm an awesome dancer after watching a dance show/movie.

Killing mosquitoes. Especially on the first try. Especially snatching one from the air and letting it suffocate.

Thinking up witty remarks in imaginary conversations.

Telling myself I'm crazy and moving on.

Fixing potential eve-teasers with withering stares.

When the best friend (who has a new rant-blog!) sends me long convoluted links that turn out to be something she knows I'll love.

Having someone to send long convoluted links to that I know she'll love.

Good conversation. Even better if there's good food involved.

Remembering there's leftover chocolate in the fridge *runs off*

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