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Dreams strung together on a golden thread
Dreams of azure, dreams fiery red
I thought you were beautiful, within, without,
But you drained them through, you burned them out
The symphony died, the colors no more shone
No match for your dirge, for your monochrome
I was being strangled by a tightening noose
Till I realised I wasn't yours to choose.

The spark didn't die, and now I've peeled away
From you; and I'm facing the day
Sundrops fall and float and glare
Tears vaporize and melt into air
I point my toe, into time it dips
From my shoulder blades to my fingertips
I'm drowning in a sunset, drowning my pain
Falling in headfirst to be born again

Here I am, now, soaked in fire
I'm beautiful; I rise ever higher
It's the blackest night yet your words don't go far
And I'm an aurora, I'm the Evening star.