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Tiptoe in the line
Of a fire-breathing
Sleeping dragon
You’re almost across
And days have passed
Since it last
Opened those eyes
To attack
In the calm of sunshine
You’ve forgotten
What it was like

Ruby shine
A heart beneath
Beating for everyone
You tickle
And things poke
The eyes open
You’re under attack

In the calm of sunset
You try for calm
But it’s lost
Reason in frost

And madness
Flows like lava

You’re scorched, melting

It takes a while
To get back on those feet
The calm after the storm
A few days, then repeat

Is there no escape?
No abyss, no well?
Nowhere to surrender
No flames of Hell?
I can feel no ground
Beneath these feet
And I’m falling
I’ve been falling
A long time
No rhythm, no rhyme
No warning bells chime

Rock bottom
Receives me again
Familiar faces
Divide my pain
I’m broken and confused
Vulnerable, abused

And the tears
Flow like lava

I burn, I melt
I’ve never felt
So helpless.

Cloaked in sleep
Healing ever so slowly
Waking up
To a new nightmare
Attempts to resurrect
Yet I suspect
I’ll find myself
Here again
There’s no looking down
Though up looks no better
I’m trying to climb
Yet again

I must have nerves of steel
But then why do I always feel
So helpless?