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Once upon a time

I’ll walk into a gallery of monochrome
And I’ll know it’s you.
Castles in ruins, people in ruins
I’ll hate them and love them
Because it’s you.
And I’ll take three turns
Around the room
Acclimatize, taste, decide
I’ll leave behind an elegant name
I’ll leave with the frame
Tucked under my arm
And melt into the sunbeams
And you’ll never know
It was me.

I’ll wish upon a snowflake
And think of you
In my dreams
I’ll think of your hand in mine
And the way we were
In my dreams
And you knew me
Like I know you
In my dreams
And you saw the world
Through my eyes
You were happy again
In my dreams.

They’ll ask me
Who these lines are for
And I’ll say
They’re about someone
I used to know
Once upon a time.