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xoxo, Delhi Girl

Have y'all read the Open Letter that's been doing the rounds of late? I would be helpful and link you to it, but I don't want to. You should find it in some corner of Facebook or Twitter if you try hard enough. If you're not on Facebook or Twitter, never mind.

I'm actually quite surprised it's been getting all this attention. It was shared, reblogged, and some Delhi Boys even wrote whole blog posts in reply. I thought it would be funny, at least. I've never had issues criticising Delhi or menfolk or Delhi's menfolk, so I assure you I went there with an open mind, only to have my hopes dashed and smashed and trod upon.

But then, I'm from LSR (we love them fake protests, because, you know, we're just too meek and cowed down to actually do the real thing), I've lived in South Delhi most of my life, and I'm scrawny, fair, and have straight hair, so what do I know. Must start reading Vogue while I sit around waiting for my impending marriage.