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One year

Planning a future
ups and downs
precarious apprehension, baby steps
and a dream.

Splashes of color
night time wanderings on the last bus
running free, tiffs and smiles
an hour at an airport
and a book.

I have no regrets, no hate
since the day my tears changed into laughter
while reading our messages
we had some good times
and time can't take those away.
I'll probably spend my whole life
wondering why
but then maybe it was me
maybe I did something wrong
or maybe he was just meant to be
a chapter in my story
and I in his.

A new world
of neon cyclists and cobbled streets
and lampposts and freedom
precarious apprehension, surer steps
and a dream came true.

My friend, she wrote me a letter
that brought a smile to my face
and I read and re-read
live stories, she said
and try something new each day.

I took a train down to
a sleepy little town
I took myself to a concert
and sat there in a daze
sometimes it just takes
a familiar song in a shop
to make my heart sing
and I dance.

I'm alone but not lonely
solitude can be sweet
sometimes all I need are pyjamas
and tea.

Then there were nights when
we laughed and skipped
and ran across roads
though we couldn't see
the green man
and took buses glistening with rain drops
and streets shone.

If you met me at a station
and asked me where I was from,
I'd furrow my face and say,
"Well, I'm here."
And with that, I leave you,
readers and friends,
Oh it's been one hell of a year!

Thanks for the memories.