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The invisible

You with your guitar and violin and voice
You on a cold grey morning stand
In the corner of a square by choice
No smile, no dance, two busy hands.

You who play to no one and everyone
You who watch the world blur by
Eyes that pause and feet that run
And through it all you sing, but I

I see you, and I hear
I see your eyes look nowhere and everywhere
I see you thank those who drop coins in your case
I see you count them with one sweeping gaze

But I always have places I need to be
And never enough silver for every song
So I just let you make my day for free
But maybe that’s what you wanted all along

I hope someday you’ll talk to me
Through words or just through melody
So I hope someday I’ll make myself stay
And watch you enchant the world away.

Dedicated to every street performer I’ve had the pleasure to pass.