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Wisecracks and raincoats

One exam down, one to go! Bah. Also I really really really dislike the new Blogger layout.

But here's a story.

In my second year at LSR, we studied several Shakespeare plays. We started with the historical background, including the burning down and rebuilding of the theaters. Our teachers used to give out handouts which we could photocopy if we liked. One of these, which no one really wanted to photocopy except me, was a drawing of The Globe. It wasn't like anything I'd ever seen. I couldn't stop staring at it, picturing all those balconies filled with excited spectators, and the yard in the centre in all its bustling glory.

Last Saturday, I was one of them. Accompanied by three equally excited girls, we braved the gusts and rain that epitomise England, and let the Thames guide us to our destination (with umbrellas and us nearly flying away on the way). In the entrance hall, we donned raincoats in preparation for what was to come: two and a half hours of watching a play exposed to the skies. We meandered to the front and waited impatiently for the play to start. Twelfth Night in Hindi, one of 37 plays in 37 different languages being performed this month as a part of the Globe to Globe festival. What a wonderful time to be in London! 

I expected an interesting experience, but not in my wildest dreams did I imagine a play like this. Standing in our dripping raincoats, we forgot the world as The Company Theatre from Bombay made us laugh, sway and stare entranced. Wisecrack upon brilliant wisecrack, perfect acting and intonation, songs and dances, cheeky critiques of the original, and yet managing to remain Twelfth Night

It didn't stop raining at all, but I was too mesmerised to care.