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WIGS: Of women

Have you heard about WIGS? The YouTube channel that is isn't taking over the internet, but should be? I'm a fan of new media, and to me, in this age of copyright crazies and bans on the internet and what not, the idea of films with stunning and sophisticated stories, concepts, scripts, characters and acting FOR FREE is pretty phenomenal. So phenomenal that I can't understand why it hasn't become more popular. I know YouTube comments are usually moronic, but since this is meant for the YouTube audience (or the internet user, so to speak) it's a bit discouraging to see people leave comments that demonstrate the complete inability to appreciate the complexities and layers of fine cinema. Of course, maybe the smarter ones are invisible watchers...But I get ahead of myself.

WIGS is a project comprising "series", which are really films split into short 7-10 minute episodes, and sometimes short films of 10-12 minutes. A new episode/film is released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on their channel. They also do "Behind the Scenes" background videos on each film, and documentaries every Saturday. Oh, and they're all centered on female protagonists - though, of course, if it's a woman's story, the men can't be far behind.

Jan (ft. Caitlin Gerard, 15 episodes) is a klutz, an ambitious photographer and her life, like any other, has many complications.

Serena (ft. Jennifer Garner, short film) is my favorite; set in a confessional, it's about forbidden love. In fact, I like it so much I'm going to put it here.

Blue (ft. Julia Stiles, 12 episodes) is about a mother who, to make ends meet, does favours for men once in a while.

Denise (ft. Allison Pill, short film) is a conversation with a douchebag.

Allison (ft. Marin Ireland, short film) is about a toxic relationship.

Dakota (ft. Jena Malone, 3 episodes) is about poker.

Christine (ft. America Ferrerra, 12 episodes) is about one evening of speed dating. It's a wonderful concept - each episode is a different guy she meets (more or less) and I thought it was so beautifully complex, don't let the comments put you off.

Lauren (ft. Troian Bellisario and Jennifer Beals, 3 episodes) is about sexual assault in the US military.

I'm yet to watch Leslie (ft. Catherine O'Hara, the first episode is now live), it's trailer looks very cool.

The documentaries (WIGSreal) so far are Diana (ft. swimmer Diana Nyad), Claw (ft. street artist Claw Money), Octavia (ft. Octavia Hamlett, "an outspoken transgender woman"), and Mama (ft. Sandi Romero, "inspiring owner of Mama's Hot Tamales").

Of course, they're not all flawless, and I've liked some a lot and others not so much, but they all merit a watch. So much better than most of the trash that floats around on the TV nowadays. Go watch, don't wait for Christmas.