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The one with the lists

I won't lie - this hasn't been a great year.

But recently, I've begun to really put things into perspective. I have a lot - a whole lot - to be thankful for, and even in the times I was low, I haven't forgotten that. But now, with the holidays and cheer and so on, I'm going to try and focus on that even more. For the initial part of 2013, and spells in between, I haven't been the most optimistic person, but I really do know how very lucky I am. So the next few posts, if all goes as planned, are going to be looking up!

But isn't Christmas just the most infectious festival ever? I've been tweeting Christmassy songs one by one to annoy impose Christmas music on people, because it's fun.

And here are the things I'm grateful for:

1. Parents who let me be a freeloader every time I'm trying to 'find myself'
2. The chance to revisit London and readjust my priorities and attitude
3. Jennifer Lawrence

4. Lots of published work
5. Chocolate, which will be extinct in seven years
6. Humans of New York for affirming my faith in humanity and life lessons and teaching me to be kinder and liking children (in a non-creepy way)
7. Best friends who get my sense of humour; such people are hard to find.

And some resolutions for 2014:

1. Make a serious attempt to be awake in the morning and asleep at night
2. Start hoarding chocolate in preparation for the Apocalypse.
3. Think of more resolutions.
4. TBA