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Best of the Daily December Project

I've been looking for motivation and new ways of seeing (and of making images), so in December 2017, I set myself a challenge: to take one, and only one, photograph every day. This sounds fairly easy, so I upped the difficulty level by digging out our old film camera, which hasn't been used in at least a decade. I had forgotten the finer points of best practice, and because I couldn't see how the pictures were turning out, I was basically shooting in the dark (literally, as it turns out, now that the photos are finally printed and about half didn't materialise at all).

This project certainly pushed me to be more disciplined, and to get to know my neighbourhood a lot better. It was harder than I thought. It meant I got only one decision, only one chance every day. It also meant that I was constantly worried about finding something worthy of a decent photo. And then there was the search for a studio to develop the photos, which it turns out is now rather rare and expensive.

But here we are, with a selection of my favourites from the bunch. I confess that there's something about the texture of these images that I really love.

Version 2 Boating in Gadisar (DD4) Desert Springs camp (DD5) Arrival in Delhi (DD6)
Mall view (DD8) A walk in the park (DD7) Modern day knight (DD12) Juliet's balcony (DD15) Our cafe (DD16) Red (DD18) View from the bridge (DD30) Our street (DD26) 


December 2017
Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Delhi

National C-310EF 
38mm 1:5.6 lens 
Fujicolor C200


  1. I like the film photos! They have that vintage-y feel. These were taken with the old black point and shoot camera, right?

    1. Yes, the very same! Also I just realised I can scan the negatives next time if I want to avoid printing costs.


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