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On the road: 10 hours

On 29 December 2019, a fine Saturday morning, we drove to Panchgani, the land of strawberries. We started before the sun came up, and I diligently selected one photograph to represent every hour from 7 am to 5 pm. 

The first hour was an orange sunrise amid butterfly street lights, and the second was a brief blue pause. 
The third hour was a commercial breakfast, the fourth barely picturesque. 
By the fifth hour, I was struggling to find subjects to photograph, but there was a lake to drive by. 
In the sixth hour, we were thwarted for a while near our destination by a broken down bus, 
And in the seventh hour we made it to our container-room. 
The eighth and ninth hour were lunch and then dessert overlooking a strawberry field. 
The tenth hour was a vision.


  1. The vision is truly a vision <3 But HOW did you manage to choose only one photo from each hour? I would've spammed with eleventy billion photos. A very tough thing to do, well done!!

    1. The _real_ challenge was to take only one photo per hour - I would've ended up with nothing usable in that moving car! I allowed myself a little room to...mess up ;)


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