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Podcast episodes to inspire

Last year, I wrote about my favourite cosy podcasts, but this year I'm sharing on single episodes that inspired me to start working for myself. I listened to a lot of podcasts last year, and they opened my mind to the possibilities out there, and to useful skills and tips that have been immensely helpful. Read on for an excerpt.

Clay Saved Her Life (with Chiara Della Santina)
The Potters Cast | Paul Blais 

I'm kicking off this list with an interview about how living a creative life can change everything. Chiara creates handmade ceramics under the name ClaireLune from her hometown in Tuscany, and she's someone I'm endlessly inspired by. Her work is beautiful and intentional, and it certainly helps that we're friends (we studied together in London) – her journey and our conversations played a role in motivating me to move on from what I was doing. The interview begins at the 13-minute mark. || Listen || 

Fast and Slow Marketing Strategies (with Kara Duncan) 
The Imperfect Pursuit | Sarah Luthy 

A very helpful episode if you're just getting into marketing – perhaps you are slightly familiar with it already but want to know more about conversions and how long it takes to get there. I found Kara's idea of dividing marketing channels into "fast" and "slow" very interesting. As someone who likes long-form content and resources, I appreciate her approach to blogs and podcasts as endeavours that typically require a few months before they deliver. || Listen ||

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