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Memories of mentoring

I recently launched new mentoring and consultation services for writers, and while creating this framework, I reflected on the three years when I mentored aspiring art journalists on Art Radar Institute's online art writing course. I thought I would share some of my top tips for writing more effectively and consistently. Here is an excerpt.

1. Hit the pause button on your research. 

One of the first steps we encouraged was for writers to spend some time on research and create a list of (re)sources to refer to while writing. But the key with research is knowing when to stop. Research can be endless; there's so much to learn, and you can keep finding more and more information. 

It's important to know how much is just enough to get you started with the actual writing, and to shift the focus from the volume of research to its relevance. You can (and will) do further research later, in tandem with your writing, to fill in any gaps or add more depth. 

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